• 3 Weeks In South Central Alaska

    Posted on September 12, 2014 by in Adventures of Jean Hall

    Our guide, Jean Hall, spent 3 weeks in Alaska this summer photographing wildlife and exploring south central Alaska. She says it was a trip that was long overdue and long dreamed of.

    “Just like everyone else who has ever been to Alaska, I fell in love with it. The scenery was so dramatic and vast…. and the wildlife was spectacular. While I was there, I spent 5 nights at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge on the shore of Cook Inlet. This lodge is in Lake Clark National Park, and if you’re interested in images of the Alaska brown bear it is not to be missed! I also saw Denali and visited most of the Kenai Peninsula. Homer, Seward, and even Anchorage, are all beautiful. Besides the bears, I would have to say my heart was stolen by the tufted and horned puffins. I visited a rookery on two occasions while at the lodge. It was great to escape the heat of SW Florida in August (but my heart still belongs to our birds down here!).”

    Jean Hall, Epic Florida Photo Tours