The Wading Birds of Southwest Florida

Roseate Spoonbill, Tigertail Lagoon

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The wading birds of Southwest Florida are here in mass during our seasonable winters. Because it’s our dry season, the birds congregate around what water is left in the marshes and on the beaches. From the blinding white of the great egrets and grey blue of the little blue heron…. to the striking pink of the roseate spoonbill, we are lucky to have them all here in Naples.

Timing tides and uncovering which marshes are the most populated during different months can be a challenge. Our experience in observing behaviors and favored locations gives us an edge. Of course, like any wildlife photography, on any given morning some birds may be easier to find than others, but chances are very good for great blue herons, great egrets, snowy egrets, little blues and tricolor herons as well as brown pelicans, cormorants and white ibis. The roseate spoonbills, reddish egrets, white pelicans and stilts can be more of a challenge, but frequently found. This tour is planned for 6 hours beginning at first daylight, but if we get into great birds, we will stay with them.

Water will be provided, but please bring a snack.